An affectionate and light-hearted look at growing up in an 'avidly church-going family." Subtitled, "A Memoir of a Life-Long Churchaholic" This is NOT an angry book, but addresses many of the tougher challenges of going to church (several times a week ... all my life) and attending church-related private schools. Filled with lots of my cartoons from years of "Drawing In Church" (Chapter 13.) Surprisingly it touched the lives, and memories, of many people who had different traditions than I grew up in—I've heard from Roman Catholics, Mormons, and believers from the full rainbow of "flavors" in Christianity. A Jewish friend told me, "Y'know, if you change a word, here and there, you're talking about Jewish families." Who knew? (These are used copies in "Good" to "Like New" condition. Each book will be signed and personalized to purchaser unless another name is specified.)

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