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C. McNair Wilson Books & Curiosities

C. McNair Wilson Books & Curiosities

Colorado Springs, United States · 9 items

Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven, But ... (2001)

This is the "sequel" to my first book, "YHWH...", and contains many of the best bits from book No.1. (Most have been rewritten and new art added. The second book, though, has nearly four times as many entries—lots of new "stuff." The Forward is by Ken Davis: "Every once in a while someone comes along who rattles your cage. I don't mean thy just shake it a little. They flip it over and break open the lock and invite you to taste freedom. That is what C. McNair Wilson does (in his new book) ... You can hear cages tipping over and people screaming with the joy of being free ... He's not just funny. He's is intelligently, honestly, and dangerously funny." (Each book will be freshly signed and personalized with first name of purchaser unless instructed to use a different name ... a friend, family member as a gift.) Books are in "Good" to "Like New" condition.

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