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Buy ten copies of HATCH! for your staff, department, project team, or... get a FREE 45 min. Q&A with me. Buy the books all at one time, shipped to the same address, at $5 off the cover and I will do a 45 min open session with your group LIVE via Skype.

This will work BEST if you give your team/group a full month to read, digest, and discuss HATCH! so the questions can be geared to your current projects or other group-specific concerns.

I can always tell by the first few question whether they’ve read the book and I want to take you deeper. This can even be me helping you work through a current project. Your choice. Once you receive the books give the group notice that, in a month (no less) they will have a chance to interact with "the author" LIVE. Then, email me—when everyone has read the book—to set up a time that works for all of us.

Consider have one or two sessions in advance of our live Q&A to discuss their reactions to HATCH! and a rough outline of the best use of our time together during the Skype session.

Yes, I know you could buy 10 copies of HATCH! on this site by getting 3 sets of 3 books ($50 set) plus one more book at $20 for a total of $170. But that would NOT include the FREE Skype session.

Questions? Email me :: [email protected]

YES! I will sign each copy and inscribe them to each member of the team. Please submit (first) names you with your order. (First names make it more personal.)

---> For INTERNATIONAL orders (including Canada) please email me for shipping rate.

Onward, McNair

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