For iBook, Nook: all non-Kindle devices

This "eHATCH! version is for Mac, Nook, Sony, and ALL other NON-KINDLE devices. This is the complete book—every word and ALL the ART.

PLUS, McNair has written a brand NEW Chapter: "No Doodling In the Margins." This new "Postscript" is ONLY available in "eHATCH!" (with new illustrations, several IN COLOR.) This postscript discusses the reaction to HATCH! by readers and media, McNair's reply to the "Brainstorming doesn't work" movement, the pros & cons of ebooks, how brainstorming improves teamwork in all area of your group, plus several new endorsements!

This is HATCH!, cover-to-cover—literally—and all the illustrations, cartoons, and "McNair's Field Guide to Doodling & Visual Thinking" EXACTLY as it appears in the book-book. Take "HATCH!-To-Go" with you on you smartphone, pad, and laptop.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Kindle platform users, select "eHATCH! mobi"... (Right next door)

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